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How to select text for copying and pasting

Using mouse

  • 1. To select text: left-click and the move mouse pointer across the text, then release mouse button.
  • 2. To select a word: double click the word.
  • 3. To select whole sentence: hold the CTRL key down and left click the sentence.
  • 4. To select whole paragraph: triple left-click anywhere inside the paragraph (Note: does not work in all applications).
  • 5. To select multiple paragraphs: left-click and hold at the beginning of the first paragraph and drag down the page until the last line is highlighted.
  • 6. To select all text: Use the Select All menu item in the Main Menu->Edit or in context menu (it should appear by right-click).

Using keyboard

  • 1. To select text: Hold the Shift down and press one of arrow keys (left, right, up or down) to select text in appropriate direction.
  • 2. To select whole word by one press: If you hold down the ctrl key in addition to shift+left arrow or shift+right arrow you will highlight whole word by one operation instead of one character.
  • 3. To select all text: Press the CTRL+A combination.

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