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How to Use Clipboard

The Clipboard is a place where copied data is temporary stored before being pasted to another place. PCs and Macs both have it. The clipboard is built into the operating system and most programs can access it. To use the clipboard, you first tell some program to "copy" (or "cut") data to the clipboard, then you can tell another program (or the same one) to "paste" the data.

To use the clipboard, simply select the text, image, or other item you want to copy or move to another place.

If you want to COPY an item from one place to another, first copy the item to the clipboard. Select the place where you want to copy the item to and paste it. If you want to MOVE something from one place to another, first CUT the item to the clipboard then paste it to suitable place.

There are three ways that you can copy and cut to the clipboard, and there are three ways that you can paste from the clipboard. You can:

  • Use the File -> Edit menu or appropriate buttons on toolbar
  • Use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use the context menu

Using Edit Menu or toolbar buttons

One way you can use the Windows clipboard is from the Edit menu. In any Windows program, simply click on Edit to open the menu. Once the menu is open, click on Cut, Copy, or Paste. Other way is using appropriate buttons on the toolbar in lots of programs like Microsoft Office applications, any text editors etc.

Keyboard shortcuts

This is the most simple and fast way for using the Windows clipboard. Here are the keyboard shortcuts for using the clipboard:

  • Copy to the clipboard: CTRL+C
  • Cut to the clipboard: CTRL+X
  • Paste from the clipboard: CTRL+V

Context menu

Another way you can use the Windows clipboard is through the context, or pop-up, menu.

To access the context menu, right-click on the item you wish to copy or cut. After the context menu opens, click on Copy, Cut, or Paste.

Working with files using clipboard

You can even copy & paste (or cut & paste) files and whole folders if working under Windows! Just select one or several items, click copy, select the location you want to copy the items to and click paste to paste them.

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